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Hi, I'm in my forties have been married for 25 years and has been sexually active for several years, I know I would say how long I'd probably get in trouble. thought I would share my sexual adventures with you before I get too old and forget about them. To be honest, not much had not the courage or the 3pic curiosity to try in recent years. I have the intention of having some sway in heaven and I hope you all enjoy the telling of them as much as I have experienced. Please watch out for them, and I would like opinions or comments I've read them all. as hot swinging MILF. Just to whet your appetite here is my latest adventure. I do not like wearing panties - VPL not just flattery. I know I have to flash 3pic my fanny risk, but the truth, I have to tell him tension. My husband does not mind, and I know that is hot and that you will be treated when we get home. Especially when I know IMeon has seen my butt in the course of the night. After a few glasses of wine of my inhibitions and my ability to keep my legs together tend to relax. On Friday night we went to dinner with friends. It was our host and two other couples. After dinner in the lounge of retirement, they tend to have low couches and I knew I had to be careful in how I feel otherwise, I 'm exposed. Needless to say, after the amount of wine and aperififs, 3pic would have consumed it was obvious from 3pic the expressions of the people on the couch in front, that I was a bit more than they are decent. I was wet, my butt is seen. We took a cab home and as soon as we get in the door of My husband had his hand on my dress and felt how wet I was. He knew I had to open and close, and have an effect on me. I was soaked, I took the stairs and pulled the dress from me. There was nothing in any case. I got to theBed, and continued to fuck doggy style. He slid in and did not meet much resistance. He asked me if I liked my butt flashing and I had to say that I did. I said I knew that I liked that flickers and that's what my Sun 3pic wet She went and told me to turn my back. He pulled the bed and then went to masturbate. Aimimg his cock was in my face. He knows there are times when you masturbate for him and shot my love come face. It seems to me like a complete bitch, if you feel. I must admit I very loudly about the most is - is just waiting for me to jerk his cock and shoot in the 3pic face. I also know that does not take long to learn how to become active. Once he came on my face that I picked up my favorite dildo nightstand and my knees. Then he mounted and buried for a total of ten inches in my pussy. I asked him to lick my clit. I love working with my pussy licked and stuffedat the same time. When my husband was licking me, grabbed and pushed a finger in the ass. I was in labor - it was not long 3pic until I can say I am. This is very tame compared to my other adventures in recent years, so look out for more. Bye W
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